Medical CV

Medicine is the most serious of the professions that you can ever find; hence it is important that you mention your details with much accuracy.

Start with mentioning any relevant courses or certifications that you might have taken up for your current or previous job and how they can be helpful for your future job. Also mention the universities through which you have taken up these certifications since the name of the university suggests the quality of the certification.

Then mention all of your work experience with the hospitals or as an individual practitioner in a chronological order. Try not to crib or blame about your previous employer about any of the job gaps that you may have. Rather own up on the issue and mention relevant details of the gap. This might give a positive vibes to the recruiter.

Also include your skills in examining the patient through senses like sight, touch, sound, etc. This can be illustrated by mentioning your experiences in diagnosing the patient during one of his visits.

Also try and illustrate your patient-physician relation as it is crucial to the profession of medicine that a doctor does have an amicable relationship and an understanding of his patient’s problems.