Medical imaging CV Template

Medical imaging CV template can be used for people applying for the post of radiology technologist, X-Ray Tech, MRI Tech, CT Scan Tech and all other medical imaging types by modifying the experience fields to include their relevant experience. This CV should largely include in depth knowledge regarding procedures, policies, protocols and practices involved.

Sample Medical Imaging Resume Template

Simon Jordan,

234 Bakersville Rd,



Mobile Number: 44 2343 5767

Telephone Number: 012345 86958

Career Objective

With over six years of experience as a radiology technologist, I am seeking a job that will help augment my skills in this area. I am well versed with all procedures, protocols and practices involved in this field and being a fast learner am interested in enhancing my knowledge.

Educational Background

Associate Degree in Radiology, 2003

Work Experience

2008-Present: Radiologic Technician, Charleston Clinic


  • Supervised and trained staff of 10
  • Responsible for overall management of the department
  • Ensured proper adherence to procedures and protocols
  • Developed better processes and policies for medical imaging
  • Conducted on the job training for interns and junior staff
  • Developed better training material more suited to daily requirements

2005-2007: Radiologic Technician, Kingston Clinic


  • Conducted a variety of radiology tests for patients
  • Counseled and advised patients on the exact procedure involved
  • Recruited, trained and supervised interns
  • Prepared equipment and medication for test
  • Maintained regular record of statistics related to radiology
  • Created processes for increasing accuracy of diagnostic imaging results

2003-2004: Radiologic Technician Intern, Kingston Clinic


  • Conducted diagnostic procedures as per protocols and practices
  • Controlled radiographic equipment, prepared rooms, equipment, materials, medication and developed films
  • Responsible for security of patients
  • Handled independent radiology services to patients
  • Assisted doctors in performing processes and contrast media managing


  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent grasp over medical imaging techniques
  • Well versed in different protocols, procedures and practices
  • Bilingual in French and English
  • Excellent proficiency in computers
  • Good management skills


  • Developed training material for new staff and interns
  • Developed better procedures and protocols for medical imaging


Imaging Job Responsibilities