Medical Technician CV

Medical Technician is really an umbrella work for a wide variety of jobs that can include dental technicians, cardiovascular technicians, those working in x-ray labs, emergency medical technicians and so on. The jobs themselves are also quite varied, depending on the employer.

The following sample CV may be used by anyone applying as Medical Technician, which means that you can use it for a variety of job applications like dental technician and surgical technician.

Sample Medical Technician CV Template

Thomas Cagney

Cicero Street



Mobile No: +223 445 2321 21

Telephone No: +0994 2239 443

Career Objective: To provide my services, and thereby contribute, to the field of medicine by functioning as a Medical Technician.

Professional Experience:

2006-2009: The Southern Heart Lab: worked as a Laboratory Technician mainly dealing with heart patients seeking sonographs . Here I spent countless hours interacting with patients and physicians alike.

Medical Technician Objectives:

  • Prepping and maintaining the equipment and machines to ensure proper functioning
  • Prepping patients by explaining, disinfecting or cleaning (as per the requirements)
  • Ensuring that the rooms are disinfected in advance and are ready for use
  • Ensure the smooth running of operations by assisting the professionals in charge in any way
  • To have a full knowledge of all instruments, equipments and machines in question


2005-2006: Training Course on Laboratory work from Texas University


Featured in Local Magazine in Phoenix as a proficient Laboratory Techncian.


  • Watch repairing
  • Gardening


“Upon request”