Metallurgical Engineer CV Template

Metallurgical engineers design, develop and implement the processes, standards and equipment for safe and cost effective extraction, development and processing of metals and minerals for commercial and industrial application.   Metals in their natural condition are either too feeble or too brittle for commercial use and metallurgical engineers develop the alloying techniques and processes to reinforce their properties  They are often employed in various specialized areas such as hydrometallurgy, corrosion treatment, and semiconductors.

Sample Metallurgical Engineer CV Template

Engr. Ferdinand G. Parkinson

Alphinbrook Rd, Marsh Barton, Exeter, UK

Phone: 01382-565 989



To work with a team of metallurgical engineers in a modern metal foundry

Professional Experience

1999 – Present:  Physical Metallurgical Engineer, Wolf Minerals Ltd, Devon

  • Research on the properties of tungsten and tin and their reaction to physical and chemical forces with the objective of enhancing their properties
  • Work with mining engineers to supervise work at the Hemerdon Ball Mine
  • Design and develop the mechanical and thermal forging processes to modify tungsten and tin alloy properties
  • Conduct chemical and physical analytical researches on tungsten and tin.
  • Document process failure analyses and other aberration to recommend material strengthening and impregnation, corrosion control and other procedures
  • Supervise technicians in both mining and smelter operations


  • Extensive experience in tungsten and tin metallurgy
  • Excellent interpersonal as well as verbal and written communication skills in English



Received management citations for defect-free commercial production of Tungsten and Tin for commercial application


2000:  passed the Engineering Council’s professional regulatory qualification as a Chartered Engineer

1995 – 1999:  BS Metallurgical Engineering, University of Plymouth, Devon


To be furnished upon request