Microbiology Professor CV Template

Microbiology is the study of microorganisms, their characteristics, and interrelations in the ecosystem.  Microbiology professors teach students basic and advance courses regarding these topics.  They are holders of baccalaureate degrees in biology and have specialized in microbiology in their graduate studies.  Microbiology professors can handle courses in the graduate and undergraduate levels.  They must be capable of handling laboratory classes where they oversee students in conducting experiments which include the formulation of culture media and the culture of different kinds of microorganisms.  These are important for microbiology professors to effectively discuss the subject matter.

Sample Microbiology Professor CV Template

Allan Middleton

Aston Triangle, Birmingham B15 2LF

Phone:  408-776-8888




Responsible and innovative professional hopes to become employed as a microbiology professor in a university where I can advance my knowledge and share my abilities to students interested in the field.


Summary of Qualification

  • Six years of work experience as a microbiology professor.
  • Knowledgeable in creating culture media and culturing microorganisms for educational purposes.
  • Can handle classes in different year levels.
  • Demonstrate the ability to teach online courses.
  • Willing to teach night classes and work overtime if necessary.
  • Strong organizational and management skills.
  • Excellent research and analysis skills.


Career Experience/Job History

2004 – Present:  Microbiology Professor, Birmingham University

  • Teach microbiology courses for freshmen and food microbiology courses for junior students.
  • Serve as thesis adviser for microbiology majors.
  • Conduct research occasionally and participate in collaborative research work.



1999 – 2003:  Master of Science in Microbiology, Birmingham University

1995 – 1999:  Bachelor of Science in Biology, Birmingham University


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.