Microsoft Word CV Template

Microsoft Word CV templates are available online for Microsoft users and can be downloaded free of charge. Some resume options available include job and career specific curriculum vitae. After you download the template, you need to make your own CV interesting to the potential employer. Include in your career objective a few skills you possess that refer to the job. State your number of years in the field and what you hope to achieve from the job in question. CV Template

Microsoft Word CV Template

Johana B. Kenneth

Timsbury Village Estate HN2

Wintersales Rd 9HR

Mobile Number: 9821 252 003

Telephone Number: 0023 285 774

Career Objective:

Marketing executive with 4 years experience in the field. With exceptional skills in international sales strategies, sales operation management and staff leadership management. Seeking employment with a reputable company that offers room for growth and development.

Educational Background:

1999 – 2003: Master of Business Administration, Oxford Brookes University

1995 – 1999: Bachelor of Science in Business Management, University of Plymouth

Work Experience:

2005 – Present: Marketing Executive, Lola Corporation


  • Guiding corporate strategies for development of infrastructure in sales and marketing
  • Researching on ways to market new products to a wider base of clients
  • Initiating ways to involve client in product sales by encouraging word of mouth advertisement
  • Maximizing profits through efficient vendors and contracts signed
  • Prepare annual updates of the marketing policy and assist in annual fiscal plans
  • Review current contracts and determine modifications where necessary
  • Initiate plan to generate 3.2 Million dollars in targeted business within 4 months
  • Contribute to training of new marketing staff and sales professionals

2003 – 2005: Sales Manager, Benther Corporation


  • Directing formulation of distributor and franchise agreements
  • Introduction of successful merchandising plans and monitoring its success rate
  • Creating effective ways of reporting incidences and avoiding them
  • Developing risk analysis procedures with help of a risk manager
  • Directing sales in a manner whereby the company’s profits increase every year
  • Initiate ways to bring in more revenue through introducing new products and incentives
  • Initiate the need for advertisement of products through newspaper ads and fliers


  • Led company to increase in new revenue by 40% in a year
  • Company is now recognized first in the industry from a position of 20