Mining Engineering CV

Mining Engineering concerns itself with the practice of extracting minerals from naturally occurring sources. Mining Engineers are expected to build and improve mining equipments and the overall system of mining. They are also expected to be able to process the mined material properly for added value guarantee. One of the top priorities of a mining engineer is to ensure worker safety, which has historically been difficult.

Mining Engineers have started to become more popular as large corporations have started taking mining sites under their wings.

Sample Mining Engineering CV Template

Howard Dobbs

Out, There, 45#



Mobile No: +348 598349

Telephone No: +892384 9848

Career Objective: To use Mining Engineering not only as a source of my bread and butter but also as a source for my creative outlet.

Professional Experience:

The Mexican Mining Corp., 2006-Present: currently employed as a Mining Engineer working on actual mining sites as well as on the drawing board, ever devising new ways to alter the mining machines to bring out the best in them.

Mining Engineering Objectives:

  • To effectively mine sites of natural abundance
  • To better machinery for mining
  • To invent new machinery for safer mining
  • To minimize investment and maximize profit through the use of engineering techniques for mineral mining.


2002-2006: Bsc in Mining Engineering, University of Idaho


The Mexican Mining Corp. saw its highest profit posted last year, thanks to the efforts of my team members and I.


  • Collecting Rocks
  • Bible Studies


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