Municipal Police Officer CV Template

Municipal police officers are trained to protect the people’s rights and safety from different factors and situations that may occur. They choose this profession to be able to help the people at the same time practice their profession aside from being models citizens.

Sample Municipal Police Officer CV Template


Julian Macer

123 QRSTUV Street,

Bangor, Gwynedd

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789


Career Objective

Seeking for a challenging administrative career as a municipal officer to enforce the law and share my expertise in this field

Educational Background

PGCert Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice

Bangor University, 2007

BA Criminology and Criminal Justice

Bangor University, 2005

Work Experience

2007-present: Municipal Police Officer, ABC Police Department


  • Provide needed protection to the area by diligently responding to robber alarms
  • Advocate local laws and regulations to the area and setting an example for the citizens
  • Arrest persons who have violated the law provided a warranty or direct order from the chief
  • Implement various law enforcement procedures
  • Undergo training to improve law enforcement skills and knowledge
  • Provided special inspection of theft cases
  • Accomplish paperwork/reports as necessary

Skills and Qualifications

  • Have more than 3 years of law enforcement experiences
  • Knowledgeable on state laws, local laws and other federals laws that may apply to everyday city living
  • Proficient with the use of Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel
  • Proficient with the use of the computer and the internet
  • Has a keen eye for details
  • Excellent communication and writing skills


References available upon request