Museum manager CV

The museum manager is responsible for controlling all types of selling the texts for the museum from the daily ticket earnings till arranging large visiting groups or staffing special hours for critical or important visitors. The museum manager always works with the accounting manager or the financial manager in the museum.

Sample museum manager CV Format

Ralf Loren

Grand Street



Mobile No: +78 98653461

Telephone No: +99 22774920

Career Objective: To use my interpersonal and administrative skills to handle the financial and administrative work for the museum.

Professional Experience:

2003-2010: started work as sales man in a gallery of antiques, handling the sales work and guide the visitors to the desired antiques they might look for, then occupied the auction organizer in 2005, I used to evaluate antiques , determine start bidding price and handle the financial issues after its awarded. Since 2007 till now I became the museum manager in the American museum of photography.

Museum manager Objectives:

  • To handle all aspects of ticket sales
  • To organize group visits
  • To organize times for critical of important visits
  • To look after the financial matters of work


2000-2003: BA in administration, Colorado University


I was able to sell many antiques for the gallery in wonderful prices

I was able to bring in a large number of customers to the museum there for a lot of total income


  • biking
  • foot ball
  • reading books


“Upon request”