Music Talent Manager CV

Most artists get their breaks in the recording world thanks to the efforts of Music Talent Managers who are blessed with the ears to spot outstanding talents when they hear them.  What makes them valuable to budding artists is their wide network of friends and colleagues in the recording industry which creates the breaks for these promising musicians to make waves among music lovers.  They often work as freelance managers or in Talent Promotions agencies who maintain contracts with a stable of new and successful artists

Sample Music Talent Manager CV Template

John Barry V. Carpentier

Lodge St., Lancaster, England

Phone: 01523-690113


Provide proven talent management services for emerging and established musical artist with negotiable commission rates and wide network of producers.

Professional Experience


2004 – Present:  Freelance Talent Manager

  • Sustain business relationships with record label owners and fellow talent mangers and promotions agencies.
  • Advice new talents of their royalty rights and copyright limitations
  • Scout for new talents by attending performances in clubs, pubs, hotels, theaters and school programs as well as visiting YouTube, media sharing and social networking sites.
  • · 1997 – 2004:  Talent Manager, Virgin Records, Plc
  • · Maintain professional and friendly relations with stable of artists and talents
  • · Review commission structure for new contracts or renewals



  • Extensive exposure in music recording technologies
  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills
  • Excellent command of the verbal and written English language.



Portfolio of recording talents discovered and successful in the recording industry available on requests during interview


1995 – 1997: Foundation Degree in Commercial Music Production and Sound recording, Leeds College of Music


To be furnished upon request