Music Teacher CV Template

Unlike singers, a music teacher should not just have a good singing voice. He/she should be knowledgeable about music as a subject matter; which includes its history, technicalities, and terminologies, among others. Most especially, an effective music teacher should impart the best of his/her knowledge through the best possible way that he/she can.

Sample Music Teacher CV Template

Courtney Newton

83 Freemont Road, Liverpool,

Merseyside, L12 7LJ


Phone: 0151 722 9290

Career Objective:

A deeply passionate singer/musician with 5 years of teaching experience who seeks for a slot in a reputable school as a music teacher

Professional Qualifications:

1998-2001: Music Teacher,  Liverpool National High School

  • Prepared lesson plans and course outlines
  • Conducted regular class lectures
  • Assessed students’ performance through examinations (written and practical), graded recitations, and quizzes
  • Directed concerts and musical performances involving the LNHS Chorale Ensemble

2001-2003: Music Teacher II,  London School of Culture and the Arts

  • Prepared lesson plans and course exercises
  • Conducted regular class lectures
  • Coached the LSCA Choir
  • Represented the school in various seminars and conferences relevant to the course held locally and internationally
  • Represented the school, along with the LSCA Choir members, in various chorale competitions in and outside the country


1998-Present: Private Tutor (Piano and Violin Lessons)

  • Conducted private piano and violin lessons for children and adults
  • Conducted piano and violin workshops in cooperation with different organizations/groups

Educational Qualifications:

1991-1994: Bachelor of Arts in Music, Liverpool Conservatory of Music

1994-1998: Master of Arts in Theatrical Performance, London School of Culture and the Arts

Skills and Qualities:

  • Highly knowledgeable with practical and technical concepts about music and theater performance
  • Plays the violin, guitar, piano, and other musical instruments
  • A natural born leader with strong motivational skills to inspire students to excel on their craft
  • Has working knowledge with the use of different learning tools such as electronic modules, audio-visual presentations, visual aids, among others
  • Fluent in French and in English (spoken and written)







Available upon request.