Nail Artist CV

A nail artist actually makes beautiful carvings as well colorful and bright caricatures on nails. It is, by no doubt, long nails have becomes in vogue and long nails look much dull and boring unless and until they are given special shape along with glitter; this is where nail artist is helpful. In fact, nail artists also help you to match the color of nails with your attire for your most memorable occasions such as wedding and grand parties.

Nail artists definitely are in demand as the world is becoming more obsessed with fashion and style.

Sample Nail Artist CV

John Sippe

Rose Lane

New York, USA

Mobile No: +98 765892541290

Telephone No: +867 76514281

Career Objective: Having a remarkable aesthetic sense to create new designs and beautiful caricature incorporating innovation and creativity in every design.

Professional Experience:

Currently working as nail artist in the designing firm catering beautiful designs and innovative ideas for making nails all the more attractive and scintillating. Inherent talent of giving innovative shapes to the fake nails which are embellished with fantastic art.

Nail Artist Objective:

  • To come up with new designs
  • To give more creative shapes to nails
  • To understand the requirements of customers and providing them what they require.


Got a bachelor degree from Fashion School Of designing New York.


Was named as the most creative designer in firm in which I am working right now.


  • Watching fashion shows
  • Photography


Upon request