National Sales Manager CV

A National Sales Manager oversees all sales work within a company on the national level. Their basic responsibilities include hiring of new personnel, looking after the sales division, making effective deals with sellers and come up with new and innovative sales techniques. National Sales Managers are expected to have good managerial and leadership qualities.

This CV is good for those applying for the post of National Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Assistant Sales Manager and Sales Director.

Sample National Sales Manager CV Template

Robert Towne




Mobile No: +87 987398 29

Telephone No: +384 929384 93

Career Objective: To use my expertise and dedication to guide companies towards greater profits through working in the sales sector.

Professional Experience:

Jupiter Stores (Retail), 2002-Present: started off work as an Assistant Sales Manager and have found my way up through promotions. My current position is that of a National Sales Manager, looking after hiring and firing duties, sales, promotions, and training of new personnel.

National Sales Manager Objectives:

  • To ensure good sales through innovative promotion techniques
  • To hire new and capable personnel
  • To train new personnel adequately
  • To make both b2b and b2c sales wherever possible
  • To look after personnel morale


2000-2002, Master of Business Administration, Harvard University.


I was featured in an interview in the prestigious business magazine “Top Dollar” for my exemplary sales work at Jupiter Stores.


  • Electrical Wiring
  • Fixing electrical appliances


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