Network Engineer CV

A Network Engineer is expected to look after the connectivity of a company or office’s computers. This may include sharing of printer services, ghost drives or mainframes. A Network Engineer is expected to perform this work without overloading systems. With advances in technology, wiring of computers has become simpler, but it is still a formidable task.

Thus, Network Engineers are sought after individuals. A strong CV is recommended, along with the correct qualifications. Network Engineers may work with Hardware and Software Engineers as well.

Sample Network Engineer CV Template

Anton Selley

Korean Street

San Diego


Mobile No: +8 39873 98

Telephone No: +98 7383987

Career Objective: To use my love of computers for a good and profitable purpose.

Professional Experience:

Zuzu Network Connections: 2008-Present: currently employed as a Network Engineer looking after many clients ranging from large offices to small two computer outlets. I am expected to answer calls and use my own discretion to act. I order the correct components and look after the installation and maintenance of networks.

Network Engineer Objectives:

  • To set up a network involving all the given computers
  • To use as few wires as possible
  • To make the networking as efficient as possible
  • To suggest different ways of using computers together


2004-2008: Bsc in Computer Science, Michigan University


I was given special mention at a prestigious computer assistant website for my handling of a difficult networking situation.


  • Fresco Painting
  • Bear Hunting


“Upon request”