New Media CV

New Media relates to the amalgamation of traditional media like films, radio, images with the new innovative computer and communications technology to facilitate communication. New media enables access to content and information in any time or slot. Traditional media is different ion the sense that it doesn’t facilitate interactive communication in the ay the new media provides.

Sample New Media CV Template

Timothy Brown

Mall Road

France – 8674

Phone: 85-223-65


Career Objective:

I am an experience new media professional looking for a good opportunity to provide services in a better position and platform. I have excellent analytical and creative skills to develop the new media system and also have a good knowledge base of the management of new media tools. I also have the capability of developing websites and website management.

Professional Experience:

2007-Present: Media Dotcom, Website Developer

  • Developed web designs and graphics for the websites.
  • Created content and information text for the websites.
  • Managed overall management of websites.
  • Facilitate communication with companies to increase advertising deals.
  • Managed staff and employers of the company.
  • Recruited and trained new staff for the company.
  • Increased the user accounts to the maximum percent.
  • Reviewed the viewer ship and readership on a weekly basis
  • Promoted more service packages and sites from the company.

Educational Qualification:

2000-2003: Bachelors in English, Arts College.

2003-2005: Masters in Mass Communication, University

2005-2006: Diploma in Website Management, Third Eye College.





Professional reference will be added upon request.