Trainee Solicitors CV

A trainee solicitor is required for a law firm to be one if its members later in time only if he gained the highest score while training. Duties may include writing legal letters, dealing with clients’ phone calls and getting involved with legal issues. He sometimes can act as a barrister.

Sample solicitors Format

Dean Fable

88rd Street




Mobile No: +43 997353533

Telephone No: +78 6474757855

Career Objective: I am a highly talented new trainee. I have an excellent command of the English and Spanish language. My Grade was B+ in the last tow years ad I wish I can equip my talent during the training period to become a member in your crew.

Professional Experience:

EEE Law, Jan 2006 to June 2006: a lawyer under training

EEE Law, Jan 2007 and till June 2007:a lawyer under training

New Solicitors Objectives:

  • To be able to offer a short description about the case status, legal gaps, and what the are the real chances for the client to win
  • To communicate with clients and extract information needed to support their situation.
  • To be able to offer a short description of his role and influence of solicitor
  • To have the ability to play an effective role in a team.
  • To work under pressure


I am in the 3rd year of law school, Knit University


I passed the solicitor training with 99% score.


  • swimming


“Upon request”