New Qualified Solicitors CV

A solicitor is a lawyer who basically deals with any legal issue separately from advocacy in courts and makes predictions about the court scene. In the United Kingdom, law professions are torn into solicitors and barristers. A lawyer holds a single title. He can act as solicitor in other countries

Sample solicitors Format

Mark Loren

14rd Street




Mobile No: +43 98662245

Telephone No: +78 0976356

Career Objective: I am a highly talented new Solicitor. I have a excellent command of the English and French language, coupled with creative expectations about legal matters and court scene pop-ups.

Professional Experience:

QWE Law, 2002-2004: a lawyer under training

QWE Law, 2004 and till now, working an assistant solicitor

New  Solicitors Objectives:

  • To be able to offer a brief description about client status, turning points, and what the institution shine up in
  • To be able to communicate with clients and extract information needed for the case later in time.
  • To be able to offer a brief manual of his role, power of the solicitor concerning the recent critical matters.
  • To be able to shine the excellent projects solicitors worked on and the way they affect the business world.
  • To have the ability to play an effective role in a team.
  • To work under pressure


2000-2003 BA of law, New York University


I was awarded the trainee of the year at QWE law in 2008.


  • swimming


“Upon request”