Newspaper Mailroom Manager CV Template

Newspaper mailroom managers work in the circulation and distribution section of newspaper offices.  They are mainly responsible for ensuring the proper mailing and distribution of newspaper copies to all subscribers, suppliers, and distributors who sell the newspaper in stands and business establishments.   Newspaper mailroom managers supervise staff  that are tasked in organizing the mailing of the newspaper, ensuring that the proper number of copies are sent to the correct addresses.  They must be efficient and highly organized to make sure that the newspaper is well-distributed in the country and that these reach their destination the earliest possible time.  Their function is thus important in keeping newspapers on top of the pack.

Sample Newspaper Mailroom Manager CV Template


Rutland Road, Forest Gate

London, E8 8PH

Phone:  333-776-1234



Organized and meticulous individual is seeking a job as a newspaper mailroom manager in a company where I can contribute to the newspaper’s efficient distribution to its readers.


Summary of Qualification

  • Four years working as a newspaper mailroom manager.
  • Familiar with newspaper language in terms of competition in the field.
  • Knowledgeable of mailing and distribution strategies and mechanisms.
  • Capable of operating relevant equipment.
  • Exceptional skill in written and oral communication.
  • Highly organized and efficient in supervising staff.


Career Experience/Job History

2006 – Present:  Newspaper Mailroom Manager, London Daily Gazette

  • Establish an organized distribution and circulation plan to distribute newspaper copies in the country.
  • Study the efficiency of circulation system and implement relevant changes.
  • Ensure that newspapers are properly bundled and labelled.


2001 – 2005:  Bachelor of Science in Journalism, London University


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.