Newspaper marketing CV

Newspaper marketing is a trend to sell the company’s products through a newspaper methodology. Through the marketing process in the pages the newspaper delivers a message to a lot of people and demonstrates that the company trusts its own product. As an added benefit, it’s affordable to small business vendors.

Sample Newspaper marketing CV Format

Diana George

55th Street




Mobile No: +34 45735675

Telephone No: +34735687568

Career Objective: to use my creative ideas to make illustrations and graphics added to the company’s news paper to grab more customers and increase the sales ratio.

Professional Experience:

NSM marketing 2002-2004:  worked as an marketing assistant

NSM marketing 2004 and till now: working as a main member in the marketing crew, Newspaper section

Newspaper marketing Objectives:

  • To make kiosks where the company can sell subscriptions and categorized ads.
  • To find appropriate places (e.g. high traffic areas shopping malls, train stations, bus stations )
  • To work on some memorable gift with the company logo( e.g. T-shirts , pens , scarves)
  • To Set goals and repeat the ads often enough to ensure on the brand’s strong existence
  • To increase the number of individuals (not clients) who pose ads to sell brands or services
  • To add special offers (Coupon , stickers) to who gets the paper


BA in marketing Studies, Chicago University


I was awarded the employee of the year in NSM marketing in 2008


  • Singing


“Upon request”