Novelist CV Template

Novelists are writers who write narrative stories that are fictional.  They work for publishers, book companies, or may work freelance as writers and then market their novels to a publisher for publication.  With the presence of numerous novels and novelists in the industry, novelists must be highly creative and come up with original ideas and stories to write.  Novelists work on numerous ideas and can promote partial novels to publishers to get their attention and interest in publishing the novel.  Being a novelist is a risky career that depends on the novelist’s talent and hard work.  Novelists do not require to have formal training and many venture into writing novels as an additional job or others who have degrees in other fields can try their hand in this craft.

Sample Novelist CV Template

Gene Wathey

Kensington Gore

London, SW9 2EU

Phone:  123-4567-8901



Dedicated and talented writer is seeking to become a novelist of a book company where I can share my creativity and ideas in publishing marketable novels.


Summary of Qualification

  • With five years of experience writing novels for different publishers.
  • Demonstrate a high level of creativity and originality in writing novels.
  • Published novels have done well in market sales.
  • Several novels have been included in local best-sellers lists.


Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Freelance Novelist

  • Generate new story ideas and make summaries.
  • Research about relevant information to make novel current and enticing to read.
  • Pitch story ideas and partial stories to publishers.
  • Take into account suggestions and comments that fit the story.


2000 – 2004:  Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, London University


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.