Nuclear Engineering CV

Nuclear Engineering is diverse field. Nuclear Engineers can work towards creating effective power systems or medical equipment or an equivalent of fossil fuels and so on. The area of expertise is generally left open the to the engineer. However, the one thing that binds all nuclear scientists is the fact that they work with atomic particles and their nuclei.

Nuclear Engineering is a specific field that requires expertise and dedication. A good CV is also a must for interested candidates.

Sample Nuclear Engineering CV Template

Joe Strangelove

N Street, 33rd



Mobile No: +983 92837 498

Telephone No: +8736 736

Career Objective: To become an efficient nuclear scientist so as to contribute to the field in an effort to make its use more widespread.

Professional Experience:

Ka-Bo Nuclear Research Facility, 2006-Present: working as a researcher and a nuclear scientist, constantly looking at the applications of nuclear power in the medical industry. The job demands long hours and odd timings, but I perform it with utmost dedication.

Nuclear Engineering Objectives:

  • To analyze the properties and implications of nuclear power
  • To devise new ways of using nuclear power
  • To improve old techniques so as to reduce waste
  • To implement nuclear power into as many sectors as possible


2000-2004: Bsc in Nuclear Engineering, University of Montana

2004-2006: Msc in Nuclear Engineering, New York University


My report on the applications of nuclear power has been published in a leading magazine in France.


  • Lego
  • Mapping


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