Nuclear Medicine Technologist CV Template

Nuclear Medicine Technologists are trained in the use of diagnostic facility for the detection and treatment of various cancer types. They administer radioactive drug injections called “tracers” that reach tumorous tissues that can be detected by gamma radiation cameras to capture accurate images of organs isolating the nature and extend of the cancer conditions, allowing oncologists to prescribe a more appropriate treatment that if administered with such visual scan. The process also assist doctors learn how a patient is responding to the treatment.

Sample Nuclear Medicine Technologist CV Template


Merlin C. Dhurvasula

Falcon Road, Exeter, Devon UK

Phone: 01382-377912


To become part of a team of nuclear medicine technologists in a metropolitan hospital

Professional Experience

2006 – Present:  Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Devon Freedom Hospital, Exeter

  • Explain to patients the purpose in using radioactive injection for the gamma detecting camera to work and assure its guaranteed safety.
  • Administer the radioactive tracer by oral means or intravenously as may be prescribed by the oncologist.
  • Ensure that immediate hospital staff and patients are protected from any stray radioactivity.
  • Ensure correct physical positioning of patient before the gamma camera and monitor the patient throughout the entire procedure.
  • Operate the equipment and conduct computer-based analysis to produce medical images.
  • Upload images into PC for viewing by physicians and oncologists.
  • Perform minor or routine adjustments and repairs or adjustment to the gamma camera equipment as necessary



  • Excellent oral communication skills
  • Excellent psychological and interpersonal skills dealing with mental patients.


Awarded Employee of the Year in 2002 and 2004 for consistent perfect attendance


2004 – 2006:  Associate in Nuclear Medicine Technology, Liverpool John Moores University


Can be provided upon request