Nursing CV Template

In normal circumstances, it is not recommended to write a CV of over 2 pages, but in the medical career, one is allowed to have a resume of more than two pages. This is due to the huge amount of information that one has to list down. The right format for a nursing curriculum vitae template should have a good layout which is well organized to avoid overcrowding of information.

Example of Nursing CV Template

Sandra Davis

546 Tottenham, London G67 3EW

Telephone 020 586 392

Mobile: 748 637 9482

Career Objective

To be a resourceful nurse who wants to be part of a multi-disciplinary team, who is responsive and caring to patients.

Educational Qualifications

2005- Emergency Nurse Certificate, one month Seminar

2004- B.Sc. in Nursing, Barton College

Professional Qualifications

    1. Student Nurse, Newcastle Hospital


  • Worked in different clinical areas in the hospital
  • Cared for patients directly and carried out day to day ward rounds
  • Carrying out educational activities for patients at home
  • Was involved in vaccination campaigns for children
  • Came up with care plans for patients
    1. Volunteer Nurse, City University


    • Attending parent-teacher conferences
    • Carrying out initial assessments of students before being taken to hospital
    • Responsible for healthcare of staff
    • Monitoring of psychological and physical health of students
    • Overseeing and running the weekly clinic in the school
    • Student’s representative in disciplinary meetings
    • Managing of wounds, dressing, giving medication

2007-2009: Staff Nurse, Nuffield Health Hospital (Emergency Department)


  • Shift leader-co-ordinated staff, patients and other staff workers in the department
  • Handing out of responsibilities to various nurses and carrying out administrative work
  • Assessing, treating, admitting, and discharging patients who fell under my care
  • Worked in all areas of the emergency department which handles 50,000 patients per year, including having 3 resuscitation bays, an injury area and an overnight stay ward for 6 patients.
  • Managing heavy caseloads
  • Carrying out minor and major resuscitations
  • Calling for and running of meetings in the emergency department and initiation of projects to improve services to patients
  • Communicating with staff, nurses and doctors in other departments
  • Induction of new nurses in the emergency department


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