Ocean Engineering CV

Ocean Engineering is an umbrella term for all engineering that is related to the creation of appliances and products that will be used under water in the ocean. Generally, Ocean Engineers work on marine vessels, commercial boats, oil drills, hydroelectric power supply and so on. However, no specific job description exists for the post.

Candidates may apply as Marine Engineers as well if that suits them. A strong CV is recommended in any case, as well as the correct qualifications. Ocean Engineers may very well be referred to as Marine Engineers in some places.

Sample Ocean Engineering CV Template

Liam Shade

Middle Burn




Mobile No: +2 39238 9238

Telephone No: +98023 03983

Career Objective: To combine my two great loves in life, the ocean and engineering, to earn my living

Professional Experience:

Oceano Supplies, 2007-Present: working as an Ocean Engineer, working on everything from propulsion blades to entire vessels to commercials ships. Currently, my team and I are tackling a new military vessel that is expected to be launched sometime in 2012.

Ocean Engineering Objectives:

  • To produce worthy ocean-bearing ships
  • To construct oil drill machines
  • To design and manufacture specific parts of vessels
  • To accommodate for water pressure and salt in the designs
  • To design new underwater measurement systems


2002-2006: Bsc in Marine Engineering, Washington University


The work is its own reward. Every day of work is an achievement in the field of Ocean Engineering.


  • Noodle Making
  • Video Art


“Upon request”