Office Messenger/Courier CV Template

Despite emails and other electronic forms of communication, the paperless office remains elusive for a number of offices that continue to rely on signed documents, like.  For this reason the Office Messenger/Courier continues to be indispensable in transmitting documents between offices.  They are often found serving the messengerial needs of staff in legal offices, judicial courts  and government ministries.  Hospital and laboratories with requirements to transmit x-ray documents as well as architectural and engineering firms that need to transmit large rolled-up blueprints benefit from them as well.

Sample Office Messenger/Courier CV Template


Nathaniel B. Khan

Boscastle, Cornwall, UK

Phone:  01872 998011


To work as an Office Messenger in a law firm.

Professional Experience


2002 – Present: Postal Service Clerk, Westmere & Chambers, Ltd

  • Accept messengerial tasks and develop personal schedule to deliver them within the timeframe required.
  • Coordinate with contracted 3rd party couriers to augment messengerial service.
  • Perform deposits of cash in authorized banks.
  • Perform courier services for blueprints, documents and corporate gifts.
  • Provide clerical support as may be requested by the administrative assistant.


  • Has adequate comprehension skills to understand directions
  • Has a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of the metropolis to find his way to companies and their location with whom the company deals with
  • Has good command of the English language
  • Is highly trustworthy in handling fiduciary matters
  • Has above average interpersonal skills to deal with office receptionists receiving packages he delivers.



Cited in 2005 to 2007 and in 2009 for perfect attendance



1999 – 2002: High School Diploma, Oaklands Catholic School, Hampshire


To be furnished upon request