Oil Refinery Engineer CV Template

What makes crude oil pumped out of oils rigs useful is that they undergo chemical transformation in oil refiners from such companies like Shell, Texaco and Exxon.  Petroleum refineries are a beehive of cutting edge engineering wizardry thanks to a team of Oil Refinery Engineers who are trained as chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers.  They have evolved to become a specialist team who design these refineries that process crude oil with a blend of hydro molecules to impart fueling practicality in power plants, industrial complexes, road vehicles and appliances in homes.

Sample Oil Refinery Engineer CV Template


Engr. Erwin F. Nehru

Park Row, Leeds, England

Phone: 0113-198-3454



To be part of your team of Oil Refinery Engineers in a large oil refining company.

Professional Experience

2003 – Present:  Oil Refinery Engineer, Stillwell Petroleum Company, Leeds

  • Design, develop and implement the petrochemical processing systems and ancillary processes in an oil refinery.
  • Design, implement and operate quality control, worker safety and environmentally safe  systems
  • Supervise a team of technicians, mechanics and junior engineers to support routine and non-routine refinery operations.
  • Conduct technical feasibility studies of new projects.
  • Re-engineer and develop more cost-effective refining processes and equipment.


  • Excellent interpersonal and supervisory skills,
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.



Cited by management between 2005 and 2009 for consistent high performance rating


2003:  passed the Engineering Council’s professional regulatory qualification as a Chartered Engineer

1998 – 2003: BS in Chemical Engineering, Trinity College, University of Dublin


Can be provided upon request