On Road Salesman CV

An On Road Salesman, as the name suggests, is a salesman who makes his living selling his products while travelling. He travels from place to place, finding customers and buyers on the go. Candidates are expected to be active, friendly and have competent salesmanship. They are expected to make sales in as many places as possible.

An On Road Salesman may also be called a Travelling Salesman, Door to Door Salesman or Sales Representative.

Sample On Road Salesman CV Template

Edward Norton

Four Village Avenue

New York


Mobile No: +43 56 4 356 46

Telephone No: +5 465 434 34 3

Career Objective: To combine my passion for travel with my expertise in sales to the benefit of all concerned parties, including myself.

Professional Experience:

2006-2010: Frontech Headphones: worked as a Sales Representative involved in tracking down prospective buyers and negotiating deals with them wherever possible, whenever feasible. I usually end with a good collection of clients and bring lots of business back to the company.

On Road Salesman Objectives:

  • To scout all locations, towns and cities for prospective buyers
  • To negotiate proper terms of business with important customers
  • To track down prospective buyers
  • To represent the company wherever one travels


2002-2005: BA in Economics, New York State University


I was mentioned in a local newspaper in Mississippi thanks to my tireless representation of my company and its products around town.


  • Boxing
  • Collecting Autobiographies


“Upon request”