Online CV Template

Three popular formats are used when writing online CVs: PDF, HTML and ASC. You need to have a general understanding of these 3 CV formats for you to send your resume through e-mail or over the Internet. Again, you can format your CV template on job portals or save them as Doc. documents on job sites. You can also save your resume on CV templates that are available on job sites.

Example of Online CV Template

Alex Johnson

West Road Cambridge GH 32 7TH


Telephone: 44 791 357 0283

Mobile: 657 911 7392

Career Objective

To find a work environment where I can utilize my IT skills to the maximum and grow professionally while providing computerized solutions to workplace problems.

Educational Qualifications

2000: BSc in Information Technology, Anglia Ruskin University

Professional Qualifications

    1. Support Technician in Network Support, IBM


  • Securing remote access for computers in the organization
  • Participated in the building up of Windows 2003 server
  • Managing the virus systems of company computers
  • Managing e-mail systems in all company branches
  • Solving problems and trouble shooting
  • Solving hardware and any software problems
  • Installing and maintaining N4 servers
    1. IT Technician, A&M Records


  • Managed the company’s upgrading, design and implementation of computer systems
  • Installing and maintaining computer hardware, software
  • Training other staff to use and handle computer hardware parts and run software programs
  • Helped mentor 10 personnel on IT skills
  • Managed installation and use of mobile networks in the organization
  • Helped in data recovery in crashed computers or systems quickly that resulted in efficiency in the organization and customer satisfaction
  • Installation and use of quality control systems to ensure better services
  • Matched company’s technology to latest technological trends in the market
    1. Project Manager, A&M Records


  • Budgeting and costing for the project
  • Overseeing implementation of the project and coordinating employees
  • Coordinating with other staff members to ensure technical and logistical requirements are met
  • Overseeing that the required system is installed in the right way to meet organizational needs

Technical Expertise

  • Programming languages such as Java, HTML and UNIX.
  • Operating Windows NX and ME
  • Operation of Windows 400mm
  • Networks-LAN, ICMP, TFTP