Online Sales Administration CV

An Online Sales Administrative works in support of the company’s sales team. The job requires the candidate to process data, prepare reports and keep a general eye on sales to make sure nothing is seriously wrong. Online Sales Administration also requires keeping an updated FAQ section for customers and processing any complaints and requests they may have.

This CV may be used for applying for both online and general Sales Administrative posts.

Sample Online Sales Administration CV Template

Kim Park

Down Road, 36th Avenue



Mobile No: +54 34532 2356

Telephone No: +77 534 235645

Career Objective: To work in the sales sector to make best use of my administrative and salesman abilities.

Professional Experience:

Voight Groups Pvt. Ltd., 2003-2006: worked as an Assistant Sales Director looking after team management and processing sales related raw data that I would receive from them.

Symbol Sellers, 2006-Present: currently employed as an Online Sales Administrative looking after the online side of purchases, including transactions, customer inquiries, complaints and website maintenance.

Online Sales Administration Objectives:

  • To work in support of the sales team
  • To represent the company and its products online
  • To process raw sales related data and make reports accordingly
  • To keep the web portal updated and user friendly (FAQs)
  • To answer customer mails; including inquiries and complaints.


2000-2003: Bachelor of Business Administration, Oregon University.


I was given a free weekend trip for two for my exemplary leadership during a small crises during which employees staged a walk-out.


  • Travelling
  • Designing Post-cards


“Upon request”