Painter CV

Painters work on all aspects of jobs, starting from re-decorating buildings till handling heavy-duty finishing of huge structures (like over rivers Bridges). On household jobs, painters and decoration engineering specialists use varnishes, paint, and wallpapers to decorate rooms. They follow client and contractor’s requests for both pattern work and limited budget.


Sample painter CV Format

Adam Baldwyn

22rd Street



Mobile No: +43 23558723

Telephone No: +78 76236578

Career Objective: to equip the practical and creative skills on structure work such as bridges or ships, using abrasive substances to remove old coating before applying brand new ones or to re-decorate houses, buildings, appartemnts and companies

Professional Experience:

Magic Touch, 2006-2008: worked as a member of a team painter on construction buildings.

Deco-support, 2008 onwards: as a solo painter as I gained much on-site experience.

Painter Objectives:

  • To be able to work accurately
  • To have an appreciation for classy details
  • To measuring surface areas workers work upon
  • To examine the amount of paint walls will need
  • To fill holes and cracks
  • To prepare premier or undercoat surfaces
  • To apply layers of paint glue wallpapers.
  • To mix paint with the required shade, either by hand or by using technical methods (color-matching  instruments)


2003-2006: High school certification

2006: Painting and decorating training.

2007: Industrial painting training.


I was awarded the hardest worker of the year in Deco-Support 2009.


  • drawing
  • listening to music


“Upon request”