Patrol Pilot CV Template

Patrol pilots work for oil companies, electrical power companies, or airline companies providing patrol services.  They must be capable of flying aircrafts that are specifically used for flying at low altitudes.  Patrol pilots patrol the ocean and land areas where pipelines and electrical power lines are located.  They are responsible for regularly checking the condition of the pipelines and electric power lines and checking if there are signs of wear and tear or there are damages that must be repaired.  After routine surveying of the pipelines and electric power lines, they submit reports to the supervisor or official concerned.  Patrol pilots immediately radio the headquarters if there are needed repairs.

Sample Patrol Pilot CV Template

Jules Eastwood

Deane Road, Bolton, BL2 5AB

Phone:  123-4567-8901



Responsible and hard-working licensed pilot is seeking employment as a patrol pilot in a company where I can practice my skills while contributing to the overall condition of pipelines and power lines.


Summary of Qualification

  • With three years of work experience as a patrol pilot.
  • Sound knowledge of aviation rules and regulations.
  • Trained in recognizing damage to oil pipelines and electrical power lines.
  • Meticulous and possess good observation skills.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – Present:  Patrol Pilot, Bolton Airline Company

  • Regularly perform patrol flights to ocean and land locations to check electrical power lines.
  • Create a written report detailing the condition of power lines.
  • Immediately inform management of any sign of damage to power lines.


Certified and licensed pilot with high school diploma.


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.