PC Technician CV

A PC Technician’s job is basically to repair Personal Computers as and when they start malfunctioning. The job requires a keen interest in the subject as the repairs may take a long time to complete, depending on the problem. The candidates are expected to work at the convenience of the clients and give all repairs their best shot.

A CV is essential when applying for a PC Technician’s post. This post may lead you to becoming an IT Professional, Computer Consultant or Senior PC Technician.

Sample PC Technician CV Template

Roy Smith

87-88a, Big Street

Santa Fe

New Mexico


Mobile No: +32 4223 44223 2

Telephone No: +766 48374 838

Career Objective: To work in the IT Industry through working with malfunctioning PCs, so as to always maintain close ties to my first real interest; computers.

Professional Experience:

Rocket PC-Repair, 2007-2009: worked as a PC Technician for a company that provided around the clock, throughout the year service. Helped in fixing hundreds of computers, mainly for small and medium sized businesses. I also worked towards assembling custom PCs as per the requirements.

PC Technician Objectives:

  • To answer distress calls of Malfunctioning PCs
  • To repair PCs to the best of one’s ability
  • To communicate effectively with clients so as to familiarize them with the problems
  • To draw up a list of any items that may be necessary to fix the PC in question
  • To use the most efficient methods to fix computers


OCR Diploma, National Institute of Computer Studies, New Mexico


Topped the list of hardest working employees twice in a row at Rocket PC-Repairs.


  • Television Repairs
  • Automobile Modifications


“Upon request”