Personal injury solicitors CV

A personal injury solicitor is a lawyer who basically deals with any legal issue apart from court concerning personal injury and human rights cases. His accredited practice is involved with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers .He works consequently with specialist of clinical negligence for facts about actions against medical accidents

Injury solicitors CV

Mark Antony

13rd Street




Mobile No: +43 5637245

Telephone No: +264745734

Career Objective: I am a highly talented personal injury Solicitor, knowledgeable and experienced about actions against medical accidents. I have a powerful command of the English language, coupled with knowledgeable views in clinical negligence.

Professional Experience:

LKJ Law, 2002-2004: worked as assistant Personal injury solicitors

LKJ Law, 2004 and till now, working as a Personal injury solicitors

Personal injury solicitors Objectives:

  • To be able to give a brief description about the organization, makeovers, and what the organization specialize in.
  • To able to give short descriptions of his capabilities and the influence of the personal injury solicitors.
  • To be able to offer successful results personal injury solicitors were involved in
  • To have the ability to act as a member of the crew
  • To work under pressure
  • To be aware of human rights and Personal injury.
  • To be aware of Clinical negligence action and International claims


2000-2003 BA of law, knit university


I was awarded the employee of the year at LKJ law in 2008.


  • swimming


“Upon request”