Pharmacological Chemist CV Template

Pharmacological products abound in drugstores.  They are your over-the-counter and prescriptive drugs formulated by a team of Pharmacological Chemists working in pharmaceutical companies. Also known as pharmaceutical chemists, pharmacological chemists research, design, synthesize, formulate and cause the production of therapeutic solutions that allow consumers and doctors to medicate on various ailments and injuries.

Sample Pharmacological Chemist CV Template

Jane D. Hoffman

Woodbridge St., Finsbury, London

Phone:  020-4336-5009


To be the lead pharmacological chemist in a pharmaceutical research company

Professional Experience

2003 – Present:  Assistant Pharmacological Chemist, GlaxoSmithKline Laboratories, London

  • Undertake the necessary laboratory researches, experiments and clinical tests to determine the correct formulation of both synthetic and natural organic or herbal ingredients in pharmacological consumer products
  • Perform in vitro and in vivo lab tests in proposed pharmacological products.
  • Enhance existing drugs to increase therapeutic value
  • Document research results and maintain database for future references.
  • Assist the lead chemists in preparing application for government approvals in prescriptive drugs.
  • Prepare and publish research findings in scientific journals as approved.


1997 – 2003:  Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Boston University

  • Conduct Chemistry 101 classes for chemistry and chemical engineering students at the university.
  • Assist the head of the chemistry department head in developing lesson plans.



  • Excellent analytical and organizational skills to support research work
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Awarded Employee of the Year in 2002 and 2004 for consistent contribution to the research of new drugs


1996 – 2000:  MS in Pharmacological Science, Boston University

1992 – 1996:  Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University,


Can be provided upon request