Plumber CV Template

A plumber is one who assembles, installs and repairs all plumbing fitting. The candidate should have extensive skills apart from basic qualification in plumbing activities. Some of the activities that a plumber undertakes are maintenance and repairs of pipes and plumbing fittings, prepare cost estimation for plumbing, inspect plumbing fittings for leakages etc.

One can get a clear idea of plumber profile by going through the sample plumber CV template.

Sample plumber CV template

Name of the candidate : __________________

Career objective:

I wish to be associated with a leading plumbing or construction company as a plumber wherein I get the best chance to display my skills and get better monetary benefits as well.

[The candidate needs to mention the goal for the career which is realistic and also shows the motivational levels of the candidate in the long run just as provided in the example above].

Key skills :

  • Good material management
  • Capable of selecting plumbing equipment appropriately
  • Good judgment and decision making skills
  • Good time management skills
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________

[As the role of a plumber essentially revolves around skills and expertise it is important to provide as many skills as possible].

Educational qualification :

  • Pursued Certification course in ______________ [specify the related field such as plumbing, construction etc] from __________________ [name of the Institute] in ______________ [year of completion].
  • Pursued ____________ schooling from __________________ [name of the school] in ______________ [year of completion].

[The candidate needs to specify the educational qualifications as given above].

Work Experiences:

1. Worked in the position of a plumber at ___________ [name of the organization] from _______ to ____________ [period of service].

Functions as a plumber :

  • Repair all plumbing appliance and fittings at client locations as specified by supervisor.
  • Assemble and install new pipelines at construction sites.
  • __________________
  • __________________

Personal Information :

Residential Address : ________________________

Phone Number : ______________

Email-id : ___________