Postal Service Clerk CV Template

The Postal Service Clerks, also known as Window/Distribution Clerks, provide clerical and fiduciary services for frontline post office work.  They receive letters and parcels from the public, process them as registered mail, sell postage stamps, letter envelopes and postal cards.  Postal Service Clerks also fill out and sell money orders, ensure that each mail has the correct postage, and place mail in pigeon holes or mail bags according to State, address, or other schemes.

Sample Postal Service Clerk CV Template

Faye H. Julian

Wellington St., Leeds, UK

Phone:  0113-767-8867


To work as a Postal Service Clerk in a country postal office

Professional Experience


2001 – Present: Postal Service Clerk, Newcastle Postal Office

  • Maintain and secure money drawers
  • Record and balance daily transactions.
  • Weigh letters and parcels and letters; compute mailing costs based on weight, destination and commodity type; and affix the right postage.
  • Obtain signatures from recipients of registered or special delivery mail.
  • Sell and collect payment for money orders, stamps, and mail envelopes.
  • Sort outgoing and incoming mail and parcels based on destination and type.


  • Has adequate comprehension skills to understand directions
  • Has good communication skills
  • Is highly trustworthy in handling fiduciary matters for bank deposits
  • Has above average interpersonal skills to deal with receiving mail and packages from postal clients.



Cited by management as Employee of the Year from 2003 to 2007 and in 2009 for perfect attendance



1998 – 2001: High School Diploma, Debden Park High School, Essex


To be furnished upon request