Private Nurse CV Template

A private nurse performs her duties for limited and specified patients who have hired him/her to provide health care services.  Private nurses personally travel to their patients’ location to perform their duties.

Sample Private Nurse CV Template

Gordon Harper

Conybere Street, Birmingham

West Midlands, B14 0YL

Phone:  123-4567-8901



I am seeking a position as a private nurse where my skills will be maximized and enhanced.  I believe that my knowledge and skill can be instrumental in the recovery of patients.


Summary of Qualification

  • Four years employed as a private nurse.
  • Three years employed as a resident nurse in a government hospital.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Outstanding inter-personal skills and can deal with patients of differing characters.
  • Efficient and precise in performing the functions of a nurse.
  • Excellent academic credentials and graduated with honors.

Career Experience/Job History


2006 – Present:  Private Nurse

  • Take care of the daily needs and monitored the health condition of my employer.
  • Ensure his proper medication and treatment everyday.
  • Talk regularly to the attending physician about his condition.
  • Regularly make reports about his improvement for the reference of his closest family members.


2003 – 2006:  Resident Nurse, Birmingham Hospital

  • Assigned to the emergency room and out-patient department to check basic vitals of patients.
  • Made rounds of patient wards to regularly check their condition and give their medication.


1998 – 2003:  Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Birmingham University

Internship at the Birmingham Hospital for three years.

Served as volunteer nurse for a local clinic for one year after internship.

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.