Production Manager CV

A production manager is in charge of the studio after the producers. The production manager maintains the daily costs and generates a report to the producer. A production manager is responsible  to estimate the cost of production and restrict the expense within the total budget given by the producer. They facilitate required resources for the project team. They coordinate various activities and manage the filming activities. They organize sets, locations, props and clothing materials.

Production Managers CV will help people who wish to work as production managers in films or videos.

Production Manager CV Format

Ron Thomas

209, Sale Ave,



The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 953 82 24 47 4

Telephone Number: + 1 576 422 4216

Career Objective: I am looking forward for a job as a production manager in a reputed film company.

Professional Experience:

2008 – 2009: ITI Film Studios, Oklahoma

I have worked for more than four films as the chief production manager with ITI film studios, Oklahoma. I was managing filming activity on a daily basis and arranging materials for executing the activities of the film smoothly.

2006 – 2007: BBB Media, Ohio

I have worked for BBB Media, Ohio as a production manager. My responsibilities were to model resource management, coordination, budgets and accounting daily expenditure.


2001 – 2003: Bachelor of Arts (Intermedia), University of Texas

2004 – 2005: Master of Arts (Intermedia), Oklahoma State University


I managed to execute a film production with the budget supplied to me.


· Going to the gym

· Playing Games on the computer


I will provide references on request.