Professional CV Template

Before you begin writing your CV, ensure that you have done your research.  Resume writing varies according to different industries you are going into. For your professional CV template, ensure that you do not put any false information or references. Keep your CV layout format simple and do not make it too lengthy. When writing your contact details, use a professional sounding e-mail address. When sending out your resume, use quality white paper.

Example of Professional CV Template

Tina John Matthews

67 Euston Road


TH 4 MG6

Telephone: 44 748 303 3401

Mobile: 73 291 738 0200

Career Objective

To work with NGO’s in a bid to enhance community awareness about disaster prevention and management, to help reduce loss of lives and property.

Educational Qualifications

2004-2006: Masters in Management Queens University

    1. Bachelor of Arts in Economics, University of Toronto

1998-1999: Diploma in Disaster Management, Queens College

Professional Qualifications

    1. Marketing Assistant, I&M


  • Working in trade shows
  • Preparing copy for trade materials
  • Organizing and overseeing marketing meetings
  • Coming up with marketing strategies
  • Building good customer service relations
  • Assessing viability of products and services to ensure they meet market standards
  • Restocking of products and services
  • Writing sales copy
    1. to present: Disaster Management, UNICEF


  • Assisted in rescue management in various disasters in the country
  • Community based involvement in disaster management
  • Responsible for projects in the community
  • Supervising of local researchers in disaster management
  • Looking for funding opportunities and negotiation of contracts
  • Working in close association with the government in disaster training and public awareness programs
  • Assisted the Red Cross in resource mobilization during emergency services such as fire break outs
  • Organizing free counselling services for those involved in disasters in the short term and paid counselling services in the long term
  • Preparing and writing documentation for disaster management
  • Participated in debates on how to increase safety measures in the community in various cities across Europe
  • Maintaining a database of volunteers all over the country and part time workers
  • Carrying out research on disaster management in fire outbreaks

Activities and Interests

Playing basketball

Organizing events


Photo illustrator

First Aid and CPR

Amateur photographer

Writing proposals and grant writing skills

Project management

Honors and Awards

Certificate of Participation, Red Cross and UNICEF


Available on request