Property Manager CV

A property manager is a person who is engaged to take responsibility of maintenance of a property or estate when the owner is unable to personally attend or is not interested to.  The property manager is responsible for maintaining the property, its handling and proper running. The property manager may be employed even if the owner is available.

The property manager has to respond and address maintenance issues. He also has to find and deal with new tenants incase o property selling and buying issues.

Property Manager Template

Edward Smith

George Road

Wales – 8564

Phone: 64-239-68


Career Objective:

I am an experienced property manager efficient in handling and managing property and estates. I am a trustworthy person and have effective communication skills and management skills.

Professional Experience:

2007-present: Sunshine Properties

  • Engaged workers to maintain cleanliness of the property.
  • Collected rents of the tenants staying in the property.
  • Made specific periodic reports to the owner.
  • Arranged security arrangements for the safety maintenance of the property.
  • Arranged resources and necessities required for the effective maintenance of the property.
  • Organize and supervise subcontractors for building projects in the property area
  • Prepared financial reports and files for purchase transaction deals of tenants with the owner.
  • Responsible for recruiting, training and supervising all the entire staff for maintenance, management and handling each assigned duties.

Educational Qualification:

2005-2007: Associate Management Degree from Management Study Center.

2002-2005: Bachelors in Arts, College of Arts Studies.




Professional reference will be added upon request.