Psychiatric Nurse CV Template

A psychiatric nurse is a mental health nurse who is appointed at psychological institutes or similar medical facilities to provide care to patients with certain types of medical illnesses like bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression etc.  In order to become a psychiatric nurse at a medical facility, an individual needs to send an application letter along with an impressive CV.

To frame an impressive CV, a CV template proves to be very useful and hence a sample of a psychiatric nurse CV template has been given below for reference.

Sample Psychiatric Nurse CV Template

Psychiatric Nurse CV

Applicant’s Name:

Residential Address:

Phone Number:

Email ID:


  • Experience in psychiatric nursing for _____ [give number of years].
  • Passion and compassion for serving people with mental illnesses.

Personal Information:

  • Current employment status:
  • Marital Status:
  • Date of Birth:
  • No. of days needed for joining:

Career Objective: [The resume objective of the applicant must come here]

  • Seeking a job of a psychiatric nurse at a ______ [give relevant information] so as to ______ [give relevant information].

Professional Experience: [give the work experience details of the applicant]

  • Was employed at _______ [give name] as a ______ [give title] for a period of _____ [give years].
  • Also worked at _______ [give name] as a psychiatric nurse and provided care to people with disorders like _______ [give relevant information].

Academical Background: [give educational details here]

  • Acquired ___________[mention name of degree here] from __________[mention name of Institute here] in the year _______[mention year of completion here]
  • Also pursued _______ [mention the name of the course/degree] from ______ [mention the name of the institute here] in ____ [give year].

Skills: [The key skills of the applicant must be given here]

  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________
  • ________________


References available on request.