Quality Engineer CV Template

Quality engineers make sure the products of a company pass the quality standards of both the company and the federal government. They devise plans on how to improve a product and how to troubleshoot problems. They study the product characteristics and plan ways on how to measure the quality of these product characteristics. They also constantly inspect the production area and the different processes in the company’s production plant or division. These engineers usually climb up to be the head of the quality assurance department once he or she has proven to have enough experience and knowledge.

Sample Quality Engineer CV Template

Rupert Fraser

123 The Deacon Estate,

London, E4 8QF

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789

Email: rfraser@email.com

Career Objective

Seeking the position of a quality engineer in manufacturing company

Educational Background

MS Mechanical Engineering

University College London, 2005

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

University College London, 2002

Work Experience

2007-2010: Quality Engineer, Harkland Engineering


  • Planned quarterly and annual audits
  • Performed routine quality tests on random products
  • Handled supplier ratings
  • Generated ideas on how to improve quality control procedures and team handling handbooks
  • Analyzed client specifications and test procedures
  • Validated test equipment

2005-2007: Manufacturing Engineer, Harkland Engineering


  • Prepared, reviewed and revised operating plans and work sequences
  • Reviewed policies, methods and procedures to be able to give sound advice on improvement plans
  • Collaborated with the different manufacturing departments to discuss manufacturing limitations


  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • In-depth knowledge on testing procedures and quality standards


References available upon request