Radiology Technician CV

A radiology technician works towards achieving the best possible x-ray images of patients. The job includes removing items like jewelry, watches and such through which x-ray beams cannot pass. He or she must also correctly position patients (after properly explaining the procedure) so as to produce the most useful images. And finally, a Radiology Technician must operate the x-ray machine itself.

The following sample CV may be used by those looking for a job as a full time radiology or X-ray technician or those looking to intern at hospitals.

Sample Radiology Technician CV Template

Bill Lowry

Route Castle

Little Sussex


Mobile No: +44 235 3425 23

Telephone No: +501 234 5332 22

Career Objective: To use my skills as a radiologist in the field so as to provide proper service to patients effectively.

Professional Experience:

2006-2007: London General Hospital: worked part-time as a Radiology Technician, working with innumerable patients and doctors.

2007-2009: London General Hospital, CARDIOVASCULAR DEPARTMENT: shifted full-time to Cardiovascular Dept., working specifically with heart patients.

Radiology Technician Objectives:

  • To operate X-Ray machines correctly
  • To explain the procedure to the patients
  • To remove any unwanted items like jewelry and watches from the field of vision
  • To protect the patient and himself from unnecessary X-Ray radiation
  • To correctly position the patient to obtain the best possible images


2002-2005: BA Econ, London University, London

2005-2006: Associate in Health Info Tech, Penn Foster College (Online)


Had the honor of being bestowed the “fastest learner” at the annual radiology workshop in London.


  • Swimming
  • Basketball


“Upon request”