Ramp Service Personnel CV Template

Ramp service personnel perform various tasks and are employed by airline companies or by private aircraft owners.  They usually work in aircraft hangars although sometimes they need to perform tasks outdoors.  Ramp service personnel are responsible for maintaining the exterior of aircrafts and ensuring that these are clean and well-polished.  During extremely cold weather, they remove ice particles and dirt that have clung to the aircraft exterior.  Ramp service personnel also do repainting jobs if needed.  Oftentimes, work of ramp service personnel is loaded at night when less aircraft are scheduled for flights.

Sample Ramp Service Personnel CV Template

James Sarandon

Birmingham, West Midlands B29 5LJ

Phone:  123-456-7890



Methodical and meticulous worker is hoping to land a job as ramp service personnel in an airline company where my skills can be maximized and I can contribute to excellent maintenance work.

Summary of Qualification

  • With two years of work experience as a ramp service personnel.
  • Knowledgeable in the use of equipment and tools necessary for cleaning and polishing aircrafts.
  • Highly skilled in proper maintenance of different kinds of aircrafts.
  • Capable of driving big vehicles like fork trucks and towing tractors.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Willing to work extended hours and night shifts.

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – Present:  Ramp service personnel, UK Airlines

  • Wash and polish aircraft interiors, and de-ice them if necessary.
  • Repaint aircrafts with damaged or peeling paint.
  • Use chemicals and apply them to aircrafts to prevent corrosion.


Possess a high school diploma and driver’s license.

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.