Regional Sales Manager CV

A Regional Sales Manager looks after, designs and implements marketing strategies for a given region. It is of the essence that the Regional Sales Manager be familiar with the region and its requirements. Regional Sales Managers must possess a good working attitude and be ready to try a number of different strategies to maximize profits, including but not limited to the shuffling around of employees.

A Regional Sales Manager must have a strong CV. The following CV may be used by Regional Sales Managers, Retail Sales Managers and Retail Sales Directors.

Sample Regional Sales Manager CV Template

Sunny Corleone

Fifth Street, Down Lane



Mobile No: +64 394320 9342

Telephone No: +3498 39482

Career Objective: To excel in the Sales Sector by applying my knowledge and expertise in the field.

Professional Experience:

Multi MultiMedia Stores, Richmond, 2004-Present: working as a Regional Sales Manager for this particular region of the store. I started work as an Assistant Sales Manager and was eventually promoted to the current position. My responsibilities include making sure my region functions at its best and the training of employees.

Regional Sales Manager Objectives:

  • To make sure the regional outlet is functioning at its best
  • To make regional based sales decisions
  • To forecast upcoming changes in the region and its effects on sales
  • To hire new employees and train them
  • To keep an inventory of all available stock
  • To replenish stock as necessary


2002-2004: Master of Business Administration in Retail Sales, Richmond University


My region posted the highest profit margin in five years, in 2008 and I was awarded the honor of being made an Honorable Knight of the company.


  • Listening to Classical Music
  • Candle Making


“Upon request”