Restaurant Worker CV Template

Restaurant workers have to perform a varied range of job at the work front which starts from a restaurant cashier and extends till dish washer. Hence, the responsibilities and duties of every job vary according to the position one bears in the restaurant. However, all the job position in a restaurant seeks enormous customer services. Therefore, it is essential for a potential candidate to host their abilities in a right way through a resume. The convenient way by which it can be done is through proper delineation of their qualifications and abilities on a restaurant worker CV template.

Sample Restaurant Worker CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details:[Specify the personal information of the candidate]


Residential Address:

Phone number:

Email- id:

Date of Birth:

Employment Status:


With my strong skill of customer servicing and restaurant management, I wish to obtain a restaurant job position of ______________________ [mention the name of the restaurant job position for which the candidate is applying]

Educational Background: [ Mention the educational background required for acquiring any particular job of a restaurant]

  • High school diploma passed on year ________[year]
  • Graduation degree on __________ from the class of ________ [year]
  • ______________
  • _______________ [specify if any further educational degrees are being acquired by the candidate]

Trainings and Experiences: [In this section, trainings and experiences of the candidate has to be elaborated so as to represent his expertise]

  • _____________________
  • _____________________
  • _____________________
  • _____________________

References: [Furnish complete details of the person authority by whom the candidate is being referred]

Name: ________________

Address: ________________