Resume CV Cover Letter Template

Sample Resume CV Cover Letter Template

Ms. Tricia Anderson


UK Full Circle, Inc.

Dear Ms. Anderson:

I recently saw a poster near your office stating your need for editors. I believe I am competent enough for the said position, and I am willing to prove my capabilities if given a chance.

Back in college, I served as the copy editor of our university student organ. I also earned a degree in Mass Communication, which could speak of my training on handling and editing articles for the needs of different segments of audience. I believe my expertise can contribute a lot to your company.

With this application letter is my resume, which summarizes my relevant work experience and educational background. In case you have questions about my application, you can easily reach me through the contact information I have provided. I am also more than willing to attend an interview at your most convenient time.

Thank you and more power.

Respectfully yours,

Jane Curtis