Retail Banking CV Template

Retail banking employee surely has a nice and juicy position in both public and private sector. The position entails bringing more clients to the bank. It is also be main concern of Retail Banking employee to maintain stable client relationship by enticing them to open huge number of accounts. Potential candidate for this position carries the task of ensuring a continues flow of healthy bank transactions

Retail Banking CV Template

Steve Harmison

29, Prinston Street

Middlesex 4TJ

Mobile Number: 702 564 2314

Telephone Number: 204 213 4522



Seeking to get the desired job in the field where I can apply my knowledge in retail banking for the company’s professional growth.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Completed a Bachelors Degree in Banking and Finance
  • Six solid years of experience working with both commercial and state banks
  • Proven track record for exCellent work attitude
  • Glib conversationalist
  • Highly proficient in dealing with nearly anything pertinent to systems management in the financial institution
  • ExCellent computer literacy
  • Team player and results-oriented
  • Hardworking and top performer in the field of investment banking




Bachelors Degree in Commerce,

University of Abertay Dundee


Career Experience/Job History


2009- Present

Retail Banking Consultant

Banking Consultancy


Worked as a Bank manager

London Bank


Office clerk

Sherif arts school.


  • Academic exCellence for having graduate Cum Laude in College
  • Employee of the Year award for formulating strategies leading to financial growth of the company.

Professional references upon request.


Banking Job Responsibilities