Retail Coordinator CV

A Retail Coordinator overlooks the development of beneficial policies for the company as well as for the store. It is his or her job to ensure that a given store is running at maximum efficiency by taking into consideration things like promotions, sales, hiring and development of personnel and overlooking the stocks.

Retail Coordinators are naturally expected to be dedicated and innovative. A Retail Coordinator works closely with Retail Managers and the company CEO.

Sample Retail Coordinator CV Template

Rick Blaine

88th Route Street



Mobile No: +32 564 3334

Telephone No: +576 4483 932

Career Objective: To excel in the Retail Industry using my skills, dedication and innovation to become a Retail Coordinator.

Professional Experience:

Seven-Eleven, 2005-2007, Assistant Retail Manager: worked countless hours at the store, overlooking just about every aspect directly under the Retail Manager and Retail Coordinator.

Ninety-Nine Store, 2007-Present, Retail Coordinator: currently working as a Retail Coordinator overlooking the establishment of new outlets and their functioning.

Retail Coordinator Objectives:

  • To overlook the establishment and operations of new outlets
  • To hire personnel according to the needs of the company
  • To work out promotions and schemes in conjunction with the sellers
  • To work closely with the Retail Manager to ensure maximum profits
  • To participate in the formation of corporate policies


Master of Business Administration, New York Business School, New York


I was awarded a special honor by the owners of Ninety-Nine Stores for my work on a new site that proved to be hugely beneficial directly because of my innovative ideas.


  • Kite Flying
  • Making Chinese Lamps


“Upon request”