Retail Customer Service CV

A Retail Customer Service person is expected to deal with all customer issues, including, but not limited to, complaints, exchanges, refunds, feedback and so on. Customer Service can be a tricky sector and only the most well-trained can expect to make a living out of it. The situations can be tough, so candidates are expected to keep their cool at all times.

A Retail Customer Service person would work directly with the Retail Manager, oftentimes with the Retail Coordinator and the Retail Buyer as well.

Sample Retail Customer Service CV Template

Rocky Singh

76th Avenue, 77#



Mobile No: +3487 2837 38

Telephone No: +76 887 3838

Career Objective: To use my communication and situation handling skills to the service of the Retail Customer Service Sector.

Professional Experience:

Coff Primers, 2007-2009: worked as an assistant Retail Customer Service Person handling and processing customer complaints and feedback. I was also responsible for work related to product refunds and exchange.

Retail Customer Service Objectives:

  • To look after the customers’ needs
  • To process feedback from customers
  • To process complaints from customers
  • To look after exchanges and refunds
  • To provide customers with service effectively so that they may want to return
  • To keep the customers happy


2004-2007: BA in Communication Studies, Michigan University


I was awarded the status of Super Employee of the Month after my handling of a tricky situation involving a very upset customer.


  • Assembling Computers
  • Grinding Coffee


“Upon request”